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Macarons and Cakes 


Macarons are almond-meringue like cookies that have the most beautiful and intense sensation when you bite in to them, they are light and indulgent at the same time.  
Macarons date back to the year 1533 and since them they have been a stapple in french patisserie. 
Our award winning macarons are one of a kind, from the most classic flavours to the most eccentric, we have it all. 
Below you will find our newest creations but we stock more than 20 macaron flavours. For pricing and requests just ask !! 
Very berry jam and vanilla Macaron Desserts 
Coconut waffer buttercream Cocosette Macarons  
Raspberry and Blood Orange jam Macarons  
Strawberry and dark chocolate fudge Samba Macarons 


Entremet is a Fancy term to describe speciality desserts and cakes. We range from most classic to the most complex desserts, from mouth watering tarts to mirror glazed chocolate mousses.  
Looking for plant based cakes and desserts? We have created a special range for you as well  
Below you will find our newest creations but if you would like to try something different just ask!! 
Chocolate Profiterols and Vanilla Creme Diplomat 
Macaron Paris Brest with berries  
Orange and chocolate glazed Black Magic Mousse 
Tart au Citron and Italian Meringue  
Strawberry and White chocolate glazed White Magic Mousse 
Vegan Chocolate and Passion Fruit Lace Cake  

Heaven Cakes 

Heaven cakes were created in order to please the high demand of sponge cakes for birthdays, anniversaries or any type of celebration.  
If you are looking to surprise your guests and have them talking about how amazing your cake was.. This is the place to come. Our cake fillings and frostings are made using french meringue buttercream, Callebaut chocolate ganache and by request plant based chocolate buttercream. Below you will find our latest creations but if you are looking for any cake or flavours in particular and prices just ask!! 
Oreo Cookies and Cream Cake 
Honey and walnut Cake  
Red velvet and Strawberry Cake 
Ferrero Rocher Cake  
Vanilla Sky Cake 
Ruby Chocolate Cake 

Wedding Cakes and Macaron Towers  

We all want to feel special and taken care of on our big day. Chef Daniel Garcia has sold 100s of wedding cakes over the years and he would love to make yours as well. 
Whether it is a macaron flower tower, a croquembouche or a wedding cake we are here for you. We usually require 2-3 months advance notice for any wedding cake but things no always work as planed so if you are in a hurry give us a call and we will do our best to supply you with a fantastic unforgettable cake as well. 
Please find below only a few of our many cake designs but if you have something in mind we would love to hear about it !! 
20a Montpelier vale.  
London England SE3 0TA 
Monday to Saturday: 8:30am to 6:30 pm 
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